Nouvelles entreprises

Required Documents

Step 1:

  • Enterprise registration certificates of the Chinese and foreign investors
  • Credit certificates
  • Letter of investment intent
  • Environmental impact assessment report issued by the environmental protection administration.

Step 2:

  • Application documents to the competent Chinese authorities
  • Feasibility study report and approval documents for the project
  • Application for registration of the name of the enterprise approved by the provincial or municipal administration for industry and commerce
  • Written comments on the project by various government departments such as environmental protection, fire services, health and land administration
  • Business licenses of the parties concerned and certificates of their legal representatives
  • Contract and articles of association duly signed by the legal representatives of the JV parties; and list of board of directors

Step 3:

  • The project application
  • Feasibility study report
  • Contract
  • Articles of association and list of directors approved by the respective approving authorities



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