Quota and Licensing control

As part of its WTO commitments, China has removed import quota licensing control over refined oil products, natural rubber, vehicle tyres, motor vehicles under certain tariff codes and key parts

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Required documents in Customs Declaration

Commodity Item Approving Authorities Approval Documents Endangered wild animals and plants Application should be made by the importer to the provincial wild animals and

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Application for patent in China

Patent applications are subject to examination and approval in China in accordance with its Patent Law and the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law. For invention patents, early announcement of

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Application for Trademark registration

Applications for trademark registration are handled in accordance with China's Trademark Law and the Implementing Regulations of the Trademark Law. The Trademark Office under the State

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Social insurance

Social insurance is a mandatory, non-profit social security system established by law in China. It is administered by the labor and social security departments. There are five types of social

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Employment procedures

Signing of Labour contractUnder the Labour Law, a labour contract must be signed between an individual worker and an enterprise, or workers may sign a collective contract with the enterprise. The

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Ways of staff recruitment

Under China's Labour Law, enterprises can decide for themselves the timing and means of recruiting staff as well as the relevant requirements and number. At present, enterprises may hire staff

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Control Over the Current Account

Foreign Exchange Receipts under the Current Account An FIE can open a foreign exchange settlement account directly with a designated bank by presenting its Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate

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Account registration

Only foreign-invested enterprises (FIE) can use Foreign Exchange and for that matter they have to apply for a Foreign Exchange Certificate. Documentation required for registration Within 30 days

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Value-Added Tax

As a type of turnover tax, value-added tax (VAT) is levied on the increased value of commodities at different stages of production or circulation, or on the value-added of commodities. All

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