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Brochure China Consultants International (en)

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Company overview China Consultants International Limited is a born global enterprise based in China. Our mission is to provide consultancy and services for industrial sourcing, manufacturing, quality ...

Folheto China Consultants International (pt)

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Baixar nosso folheto.

Brochure China Consultants International (fr)

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Vous pouvez télécharger notre brochure.

Two Sides of the Same-Coin

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IN the last few months the Chinese Govern- ment has allowed the Chinese currency to appreciate, meaning the possibility of the country losing its low-labor-cost advantage and its export might. In ...

Affects of chinese new year on production

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CHINESE New Year or Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. Since the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, the date is different every year and can create ...

Business philosophy

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The business ethics of a country are closely related to its culture and its history. In this article, the philosophical back- ground of Chinese business etiquette will be explained in order to better ...

Cultural awareness

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The most important aspect while doing business in China is to learn, understand and adapt to the Chinese way of doing business. Since business behavior is closely re- lated to cultural behavior, ...

Manufacturing in China - Part 1

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China is known as the factory of the world where a wide variety of products are manufactured. Today the manufacturing in China does not only include commodities and garments but in the past few years ...

Manufacturing in China - Part 2

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In the previous section of this article, the first steps in launching manufacturing projects in China were explained. Once the right manufacturer has been found and audited, there are other factors ...

Practical tips

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Doing business in China always involves collaboration with Chinese entrepreneurs whether they are suppliers or partners. In order to make this cooperation more efficient, foreign entrepreneurs have ...

Quality management vs Quality-control

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“MADE IN CHINA” is often associated with low quality products. This has prompted more and more foreign entrepreneurs to focus on the quality of the products that they manufacture in China.   High ...

Sourcing strategies

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For many years, China has been known as the factory of the world. Low labor and manufac- turing costs make China the perfect source for foreign entrepreneurs in their purchasing projects. The ...

Starting a company in China

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Over the past few years, the fast growing economy has made China the biggest market in the world inmost industries. In addition, because of its low labor cost, China has been considered as the ...

Recruiting Chinese Staff

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One of the keys to success while doing business in China is management. Since organizational behavior is closely related to culture, management of an organization is affected by cultural differences. ...

Online Sourcing: Cautions

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In the past few years, the development of online B2B platforms has made international trade much easier. Today, buyers from all over the world just need a few clicks to find suppliers through these ...



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