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What preferential policies does a foreign investor enjoy when making investment in central or wester

Enterprises with foreign investment enjoy following preferential policies: Manufacturing enterprises with foreign investment, whose operation period is over ten years, enjoy an exemption of

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What are the formalities for overseas investment to establish enterprises in China?

In accordance with the existing laws of China, the establishment of enterprises with foreign investment is subject to project-by-project examination, approval and registration by the government. In

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What items are encouraged for foreign investment by China, and what are prohibited?

To direct foreign investment to go along with the development scenario of Chinese industries, and to avoid blind investment, the Chinese government promulgated in June 1995 the Interim Provisions for

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What types of foreign investment are allowed in China?

Branch OfficesA branch office in China is one that is used for business purposes for which the main company office holds responsibility. It is not a legal entity and it can only carries out liaison

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What preferential taxation policies foreign-funded enterprise enjoy in China?

Income TaxIncome tax rate: The current rate of income tax imposed upon foreign investment enterprises is 33%, though it is set at the lower rate of 15% in special economic zones, national hi-tech

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What are the projects foreign investors are prohibited to invest in China?

In accordance with the "Provisions on Guiding Foreign Investment Direction", any of the following projects is prohibited to be invested in: Those that harm the national security and social public

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