Company overview

Company overview


China Consultants International Limited is a born global enterprise based in China. Our mission is to provide consultancy and services for industrial sourcing, manufacturing, quality management and business development in China. Our international team is composed by Brazilian, French and Chinese collaborators with expertise in different technical fields requiring high quality.

Close to our clients, our sales teams and project managers are based in Hong Kong, France and Brazil providing the link between our clients and our China team. Close to manufacturers, our consultants and quality managers in China, provide enhanced communication with factories and closer control of your projects.


Our values, "The PRQ":

  • Proximity - Our teams around the world are close to our clients in each continent. Therefore, we try to improve one of the most important problem in international business which is communication.
  • Reactivity - Since the Time is one of the most important factor in international business, we establish deadlines for each project or service, and our consultants do their best to meet the deadlines.
  • Quality - Our project managers, with the help of our quality inspectors and engineers, are continuously improving the quality of our services adapting them to our clients requirements. For the manufacturing and import-export projects, our quality inspectors team control the goods during the production and before the shipment to ensure that the quality meets the requirements and in case of quality problems we will find the right solutions to solve them and to meet the deadlines.


Our history:

In 2006, H.A Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded by the current Managing Director of the company. In the end of 2006, the company was joined by a French business association named China'Asso and these two organizations jointly developed as the result of their collaborations. In 2007 we were joined by a Brazilian entrepreneur and a new organization was founded. Today China Consultants International Limited is directed by its three founders with an international and dynamic team.


The Founders:

  • Milad NOURI - He is computer science engineer and specialized in international projects development and management. After his studies at "Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes", he worked at Alcatel Shanghai before founding H.A Consulting Co., Ltd. Today he is the Managing Director of the company and also associate researcher in the field of Global Entrepreneurship at Zhejiang University.

  • Telma OLIVEIRA - She is expert in International Business. After her studies in international business and finance she worked for several years at CITI bank before joining FLC Company which is the market leader in energy saving lamps in Brazil. She has worked for 9 years in FLC being quality manager and also in charge of import-export operations with China. Today, she is the Director of Operations of the company with Latin America.
  • Siamak SALIMY - He is electronic Phd and specialized in high technology outsourcing projects management. After his studies at "Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes" he created the Sino-French association named Chin'Asso in order to promote business relationship between Chinese and French SMEs and entrepreneurs. Today he is the Director of Operations of the company in Europe and also researcher in the field of low cost high tech development at University of Nantes in France.


Our location in China:

Zhejiang province is a neighbor province of Shanghai and Hangzhou city, the capital of Zhejiang, is 120 km far from Shanghai (45 minutes by train).

Zhejiang province is considered as the factory of China and Hangzhou was awarded by the World Bank as the best city for investment in China. The port of Ningbo is one of the most important port in China and the International market of Yiwu is also located in this region. Therefore Zhejiang province is considered as one of the most attractive business environment in China . Read more about Zhejiang province.

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China: +86 571 86699980

Hong Kong: +852 81914264

France: +33 9 83 818493

Brazil: +55 11 30420890

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