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    Industrial Sourcing

    First Stage

    Sourcing is the first stage of any purchasing or manufacturing project, it can also provide you monitoring of your current purchasing prices.
    Based on our strong network of manufacturers in China, we can find in a short time reliable factories with suitable production capacity and competences to meet your product specifications.
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    • Being a manufacturer with a legal business license (verified by our team).

    • Being able to match the target prices and technical specifications.

    • Having the required production material and sufficient production capacity.

    • Being able to prove the origin of product components and compositions of materials used.

    • Having the required quality certificates and export licenses (verified by our team). (click to learn more)

  • DM


    while manufacturing

    The main challenges while manufacturing in China are having the shortest lead time, meeting the quality requirements and protecting your intellectual property (IP).



    For this matter, before starting the manufacturing process, we establish the production planning in accordance with the factory capacity and a quality management plan.


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    • Feasibility study of the project

    • Client specifications review and confirmation

    • Defining the Quality Management Plan (QMP), including quality standards related to the target market

    • Product design review and improvement

    • Sample development based on specifications and quality standards

    • Trial order 

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  • QM



    Since punctual quality controls are often insufficient to fully meet quality requirements, we perform systematic and planned quality inspections. We provide Quality Management process based on best practices of TQM (Total Quality Management). Our Quality Management process includes Quality Planning, Quality Training and Quality Control. Our team is fully...

    Our Quality Management process includes Quality Planning, Quality Training and Quality Control. 

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    Total Quality


      • Quality planning (QP): Planning the quality control process before beginning mass production. Confirming the QP with the client and manufacturer(s).

      • Quality training (QT): Instructing the workforce the manufacturing plant about the required quality standard and major quality issues.

    • Quality control (QC): Performing several inspections based on the QP. A team of minimum two trained inspectors is sent for each inspection. 

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  • BD


    and legal support

    In order to cope with the complexity of doing business in China, foreign entrepreneurs often need strong business and legal support. Combining the perfect knowledge of Chinese legal system of our partner Zhejiang T&C Law Firm with the business experience of China Consultants Int'l Ltd., we provide suitable solutions for your business development in China.
     Services provided in partnership with Zhejiang T&C Law firm.

    Before and during

    your development

    Before your business development in China, a preliminary study has to be performed. This study includes selection and audit of business partners. Geographical analysis based on the business plan and Chinese laws and regulations.
    During your development, we will provide trainings to understand the Chinese business ethic. Our expert team will also provide help and advice during your negotiations, contracts and business disputes.

Company overview

China Consultants International Limited is a born global enterprise based in China. Our mission is to provide consultancy and services for industrial sourcing, manufacturing, quality management and business development in China. Our international team is Read more...

Team and Mission

Zhejiang province is considered as the factory of China and Hangzhou was awarded by the World Bank as the best city for investment in China.


The products that are manufactured through our company are mainly distributed in the major supermarket chains in France (Leclerc, Carrefour, System U and ALDI), in Brazil (Extra, Pão de Açucar and Carrefour) and government agencies in Brazil (province of São Paulo). Read more...

Our Clients

Electronic products, Food, Casing, Frozen Fish, Frozen sea food, Corn, Peanuts, Cashew, Rice, Toys, Plastic & Metal parts, Packaging & Printing, Furniture, Beauty products, Textile

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Learn more about us by reading interviews and articles published in different news media.Interview with Ms Oliveira at Fantástico, TV Globo. Article written by Mr Nouri, China sucess stories. Interview with Mr Salimy at 24H Chrono, TV5 Monde. Read more...

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